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March 30, 2007



Can't agree more. Especially now, in 2009 :)
Off Page SEO is 90% responsible for your current rankings.

I want to address the polar opposite counterpart of inbound links, namely outbound links. These links also must hold a distinct position in your site's overall linking strategy.

> Many SEOs argue that linking out to other sites actually harm your PageRank or authority by sharing it with outsiders.

My answer is that, Yes! there is a small volume of link juice lost but not enough that it harms your site's rankings. Some live and die by PageRank when they should actually focus on building a website that fits in the internet's philosophy, namely connection and information exchange - that's valued by the Search Engines.

Having a good website isolated is like owning a island packed with treasures in the middle of the ocean - it doesn't do anyone any good.

> Others fear the flood of reciprocal links that could be generated by your desinterested outboundlinks - reciprocation that is not well regarded by Google.

My opinion on this is that Google considers reciprocal links as bad SEO practice only if your linking partners are shady websites with spammy activities such as keyword abuse and/or worse link building automation.

Taken in consideration that inbound links are the name of the game these dasy in SEO, I decided to take an opposite direction (even for a short period of time) and elaborate in this, oftentimes considered tabu subject, called outbound links. Here's the link on this post:


Hope it serves you're SEO interests well!


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