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September 10, 2007


Another View

Your comments assume some inaccuracies that are critical.

First, the woman was not talked to by a Flight Attendant. It was a Customer Service Supervisor.

Second, the conversation has widely been reported to have taken place "at the door of the plane" or "in the jetway" neither of which is "in front of other passengers" as you suggest.


David Lowey

I appreciate your input "Another View". I actually don't have much of an opinion on the event in question, just the communications that surrounds it. And my generally positive opinion of Southwest has not been changed by this story. I will ammend my post to change Flight Attendant to Customer Service Supervisor. As to the location of the exchange, the passenger clearly felt that other passengers overheard the discussion, as has been reported in the coverage to date. One might expect a statement at some point about protocol; explaining the airline's policy in such situaitons. Perhaps SWA is in a pickle? With talk of a pending lawsuit their legal team may be counselling a "run silent run deep" approach, which is not uncommon.

Another View

With due respect, what she "says" she felt is not the issue. It is widely accepted that the location of the conversation was the airplane door or jetway.

With ambient noise of a jet/airport, even at the gate, and the position of the bulkhead relative to the door and passengers, the likelihood of anyone seeing/hearing what was going on is extremely slim.

I have no idea what the Southwest legal team might, or might not, be doing, but I would guess they have a list of every person on that plane, which they have no reason to share at this point, and which might reveal a completely different perspective than Ms. Ebbert's and her lawyer's.

Anyway, thanks for your overall fair comments.

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