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February 05, 2010



Very imformative post. You made some great points. I do agree that it might put a dent in Toyota's profits but nothing they cant bounce back from in my opinion. But I also do believe Honda will benefit short term from this.

Orange County Used Car Dealers

I have to agree with you. I got to talk to some Orange County used car dealers when I visited my uncle in California last week. And it made me rethink of buying a Toyota, though I find my 2010 Toyota Camry a convenience. What I love about it is the spacious cabin, powerful and fuel-efficient optional V6. But the auto dealer showed to me their used 2008 Chevy Cobalt and 2008 Toyota Corolla, both used in a very reasonable price of less than $9,000 and $13,000.

-Javier Cutts

Honda Atlanta

I think the Honda Crosstour has an excellent chance of doing well in the market. The design is surely a bit different then what most consumers expect, however cargo space is pretty spacious plus the interior is pretty sweet.

David Lowey

I agree Honda Atlanta, the interior is well kitted out, and there is plenty of cargo space. But Americans aren't buying all that many. Through November of 2010 Honda hold sold around 25,000 units. That represents more sales than the Element, the CR-Z, and the Insight, but far less than the 40,000 projected for the year.

Tari Ledsome

Car manufacturers would do well to take advantage of the Toyota recalls and market their own models increasingly. This would allow for a more competitive market, thus leading to better products and services. Toyota might have already resolved the problem. If so, it would likely be looking to take the market again. Other car companies should up their game if they want to hang in with the big guns.

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